Our Location

Carefully tucked away from the rest of the world by the Pacific Ocean to the west and forested hills everywhere else, Perfection is a town that majestically lives up to its name.

Like a multifaceted diamond, this one-of-a-kind village stuns from every direction. Even most residents of California have never heard of Perfection—and we think that’s A-Ok with us!



Our Community

The 2,000 residents of Perfection are like no other people we know. We’ve got families with parents of nearly every race and sexual identity, a wonderful response to our ongoing anti-bias programs.

And while we may be an early-to-bed, early-to-rise community by nature, we aren’t afraid to let our hair down on weekend nights or to attend four different wine tastings on the same day!



Our Rules

Keeping Perfection the way we like it takes effort. And while civilized society may be breaking down in most corners of the world, we are still going strong. The locals attribute our success to the town’s R. U. L. E. S. (Respect Understanding Listening Excellence Suppression) program, a simple list of 72 ordinances that cover behavior for the citizens of Perfection. When everyone follows the R. U. L. E. S. then everyone wins!


Around Town

37 Bars/Restaurants and Counting

2 Beaches, 6 Parks and 4 Hiking Trails

Over 60 Artist Galleries

The Historic Athenaeum Theatre

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