Our Community

You will never find people more polite, civil or wonderful than the residents of Perfection. From the way we all know each other by name (and we do!) to the way we handle any problems we have quickly and quietly, Perfection takes care of those who live here in a way you won’t find in any other city in California. We may even be unique in the world and if so, we’re fine with that!

FUN FACT: Visitors to Perfection often assume we have no homeless situation. That’s not accurate at all. Like the rest of California, we are attempting to solve this devastating problem as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we expect to have a new residence for Grace by next July. In the meantime, she has a tent by Hair Today on Elm Street. Feel free to come by and say hello!

Perfection’s demographics are also something we take a great deal of pride in pointing out to outsiders. Thanks to a combination of our 100% voter registration rate for those over 18 and our “Tracking Tots” program that microchips all children under voting age, we have exact numbers at any time.

As of December 31, 2020, Perfection has 1,839 Caucasians, 142 Hispanic & Latino, 86 Asian and 24 Two+ Ethnicities.

Our median income city-wide is $79,342 and our average age is 31.

Our religious breakdown is 25% Christian, 10% Jewish, 8% Muslim and 57% &Hfha#(*<error>!@@!$$#@%

FUN FACT: Perfection has had two women mayors in its history. The first was Marguerite Browning in 1932. Two weeks after she took the job, she disappeared and remains missing to this day. However, local legend claims that if you call her name at midnight, the door to where she went might still open for you. Why not come to town and give it a try? Who knows what might happen?

Perfection’s citizens are also very civic and community minded in general. It’s not uncommon to see residents picking up trash or clipping a neighbor’s hedge to keep it looking tidy. City folk often recite the words of one of the town’s first City Council members, Jeremiah Bosewicht, as they help out. “To be perfect, first put everything in order.” We find it a wonderful approach to nearly everything.

FUN FACT: Bosewhicht’s statement has more than is normally quoted. “To be perfect, first put everything in order. For order is, itself, a ritual. And one should always perform rituals correctly. Only then can we become our true selves.” We think people should quote it all. Don’t you?