Our Location

Perfection, California was incorporated on October 31, 1917

Perfection was not always the beautifully magnificent spot it is today. It was founded on the ruins of the Mission San Marcellus, the least well known California mission and home of the infamous “Night of Hunted Souls” on December 26, 1799. That marked the lowest spot in our city’s history, however, as new residents began to build homes nearby as soon as 1820 and we’ve never looked back.

FUN FACT: By city law, all residences must include at least one brick from the original mission in their walls. Those who receive permits for construction may accept their brick from City Hall M-F until 6PM!

Today, the quaint city of Perfection represents a, well, “perfect” microcosm of everything the California dream represents—creativity, civility and social conformity. That’s why even the earliest town residents understood the need for periodic gatherings on the beach and in the forest. Such gatherings allowed a strong community to form with shared values, common ideals and an ability to stand insular against the ever-shifting changes that move through California on a constant basis. Even today, any alterations to city laws or unique business license applications (such as for ‘chain’ stores) are debated fiercely at monthly town meetings. Where else can residents have such a direct connection to their leadership?

FUN FACT: The meetings in the forest were originally called Nexi and the ones on the beach Voyages. The original reason for these names has been forgotten but we think both the name and the events are SUPER neat!

In 1920, the City Council drafted up a development plan for Perfection intended to control its growth in manageable ways through the year 2099. That plan has been followed carefully to this very day. The beautifully quaint downtown, the beachfront boardwalk, the three inns next to each other that echo the children’s tale of The Three Little Pigs—each of these is the result of careful deliberation and meticulous following of the 2,632 page development plan. Perfection residents are rightfully proud of how their council members were nearly prophetic in their ability to describe where and how the town should grow.

FUN FACT: According to the current council, the most impressive part of the development plan is the “List of Upcoming Residents” found in Appendix A. How many people do you think living here now were on that list? Do you think you might be on it?